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We are a not-for-profit publisher with the intention to bring the highest teachings to those who are in the process of liberation and awakened living.  Learn more.


These are not really books, they’re research experiments.  They arose out of an exploration and “notes to self” on the highest teachings found by DolphinOlogy publisher Wake B. Rinpoche, after a near-death experience made learning, sharing and caring (for others and self) his highest priority. At your discretion and convenience, please: question everything, and Feel how it Sees.

DolphinOlogy Dream Yoga

DolphinOlogy adjusts traditional yoga to include reality checks and dream remembering to promote lucid dreaming and awareness of the unconscious stories that arise.  Learn more.

DolphinOlogy Resources

We offer an eclectic Resources page (and subpages) with links/further info on topics and organizations mentioned in the books.  A few are more in-depth and have their own pages.  We also have a page of our favorite Charities & Causes.

DolphinOlogy Sonar Reports

The DolphinOlogy blog.