Announcing: The DolphinOLogy Ibook

Dolphinby-Bret-altwoutlineguess cropDolphinyoga

The free DolphinOlogy Ibook is available now on ITunes.


The DolphinOlogy book is a continually evolving  exploration dolphin communication techniques for relationships, conscious dreaming and of master theories to get to liberation and awakening – lucidity in dreams, life and the bardo (transition time) of death to rebirth… Humbly using dolphin consciousness, metaphors, and Hindu/Tibetan/ Kundalini anecdotes to reveal the great masters who have reached the stilling of the mind to zero thoughts per second and then “Samadhi” meaning conscious exiting of the physical body. The current version is now available as a free I-Book with drawings, links to sacred teachings, and perhaps a very creative set of skills to employ in an age of Nuclear power, iPhones and distractions from the candlit meditations and sleep under the stars that called forth this life as a rare opportunity to join with the Love Of Righteous Dharma (LORD) and embrace the NOW (Naturally Organizing WOW) as a chance to practice towards the end of the cycle of birth and death…