For those lucky enough to be on the edge of, or in the midst of a mental breakdown or psychosis from Ayahuasca, other psychedelics, or living in a human body.

shutterstock_330526412Some thoughts from one who experienced a near-death experience followed by a psychosis-inducing kundalini crisis/brain-damage trauma from taking a plant medicine (Ayahuasca) provided by a “Shaman”:

Noble beings called to greatest service and compassion, you have, perhaps, at your discretion and convenient flowering, been called towards enlightenment and liberation. Liberation from the real illusion of:

  1. Random birth.
  2. Suffering at the hands of unknown parents.
  3. Puberty and spiritual forgetfulness as the ego and sex organs develop the “identity.”
  4. Aging.
  5. Death, again and again…

Perhaps one should note that all of the Western 200-year old labels and diagnoses, such as PTSD, ADD, schizophrenia, psychosis, etc. were created by drug manufacturers and psychologists to sell medicine and real drugs.

In fact, in India and other cultures slightly older than the USA, whose foundation is not progress or selling self-help, yoga or meditation, a mental break is considered by most experienced metaphysical healers, swamis, monastic leaders, etc., as a Divine transformation to be supported in an ashram environment, for it is viewed as a sacred opening.

MantakChiaTao GrandMaster Mantak Chia had some of the most direct answers to my questions about kundalini crises (see the book/research experiment we put out on Facebook.com/darkretreat, FREE on iTunes). Master Chia and an independent scientologist, (the official Scientology organization also saved my life but wasn’t quite as nurturing to the heart)… provided the primary answers I needed after two years of searching with unlimited budget through Asia and India.

Want to protect others by mentioning the name of the “Shaman.” As these fingers type, there is a terror of any link back or future connection to these beings, who also need compassion, and outing. For this traveller, for two years the terror was too great to risk mentioning these monetizers of a sacred plant ceremony, and somehow the knowledge that the “SEEN IS FOR THE SEER” also loomed. (Meaning that this simulation “reality” we live is presenting only what is necessary for us to move one more step towards unity with the Divine. If you are one who has been pushed to the edge, one step may be a many-lifetime hop – so it was somehow beneficial, regardless of the suffering involved. “The seen is for the seer” is a quote from the Divine Sage Patanjali, one of his Yoga sutras worthy of long contemplation.)

However, for the record, the Ayahuasca hosts for this recovering mandala aka my “self” (a mandala being a complete geometric pattern containing all of the uni verse), the host who disconnected, had no responsible guidance prepared, and didn’t react to my need for help, only out of her fear and desire for self-protection, was a Russian lady called Aya, who owns a raw food store called Rainbow Acres in Kauai. Along with Aya were a host of other financial opportunists, (and I, a financial exploiter) whose life reviews will entail our own Divine follow-through.

Definitely seek no vengeance, but fear not, simple fact. With that, let’s be of service to all sentient beings whose path may not be as compressed as ours, but ultimately is the same: lifetimes of unending prison in a body full of experiences that range from hell to heaven, until there is no other choice but to find that place of neutrality between yin and yang and 1 and 0, with the Grace of the Cosmos and the Divine perhaps leading to yours and my dissolution, like a salt doll being dropped into the ocean, or a piece of data-collecting sentience being absorbed into the holographic fractal, and most likely something beyond, far beyond our comprehension, but exactly attuned to our expectation and perceptual bandwidth.

And if that too is surrendered completely, then, like Steve Jobs said in his last breath, “Wow, wow, wow!” (If you wonder why this is not mentioned in his movie, bios or publicly lauded elsewhere, it’s because this is a world of healing for all. To embrace these perceptions above is not part of the cycle which is now called KALI YUGA, a cycle in which liars are kings, etc.) But Kali Yuga is quickly coming to an end, and it’s our job first to enlighten then to serve.

This is humbly offered at your lotus feet, and yours and yours and yours, all the same empty footprints washing away in the sand of one consciousness dreaming all us as characters in an empty illusion – in order to experience itself.