DolphinOlogy: The 3 Yogas of This Dream We Call Life (2nd Edition)
by Wake Breathe Love


Explore many streams to the one ocean: DolphinOlogy helps you activate your inner dolphin by using inner sonar to see-feel others’ hearts and wake while dreaming.

Dolphins may be the most advanced beings on the planet:

1. They have no hands to build or destroy, so Dolphins have no attachments.
2. To communicate, they use holographic feeling-pictures.
3. Dolphins dream while awake.

Viewed from space, the clearest evidence of love on earth is Dolphins and Whales. They have a lot to teach us…

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Dark Retreat: Tao + Tibetan Yoga x Darkness = DMT (Expanded 2nd Edition)
by Wake Breathe Love, guided by and with Part II written by Master Mantak Chia, Part IV abridged from Timothy Leary, PhD, Ralph Metzner, PhD, Richard Alpert, PhD, Video Foreword by Nassim Harimein

DarkRetreat New - readingTao Master Mantak Chia’s DarkRoom Retreat was an experience that inspired DolphinOlogy author Wake Breathe Love to start the next exploration: Endless Cosmic Orgasm.  It contains Master Chia’s seminal work and greatest secrets.

After revisiting the DarkRoom for a second year, Wake created a second edition retitled Dark Retreat.  

Expanded edition available now.

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Solar-Powered Humans: The Science and Discipline of Sun-Gazing
by Maharaji Buddh Puri Ji

solarhuman_revised-72dpiIntroducing SURYA AMRIT KUNDALINI KRIYA:

Surya = Sun

Amrit = Nectar (hormone) released to induce bliss and sustain hours to weeks of meditation with no food or water

Kundalini = the latent life force that is the basis of all energy

Kriya = Practice

SURYA AMRIT KUNDALINI KRIYA (SSKY) was developed in a small ashram in rural Punjab India, about 60 miles from Pakistan. A master was brought down from mountain seclusion at the behest of villagers to teach. He remains in seclusion in his room, this June 2014, where soon he will be returning to the mountains now that an ashram has been built and a successor has been found. The successor is a brilliant, smiling, wide-eyed, 37-year old Vedic Scholar who left the IT world 14 years ago to find the resonant and highest teachings. This DolphinOlogy researcher agrees with the choice of successor.

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