DolphinOlogy, 2nd Edition

dolph4-bookshelf-croppedThe 3 Yogas of This Dream We Call Life

Activate your inner dolphin!

Dolphins are the only beings on the planet that naturally remain awake while they sleep. Half of their brain dreams in a R.E.M state of consciousness; the other half remains awake. Only the most accomplished Yogis and Tribal Dream Masters can achieve this state when in deep practice.

DolphinOlogy explores lucid dolphin dreaming and the dream-sharing practice of the Senoi tribe for healing, greater self-awareness, more loving relationships… and when two dream lucidly together, creation becomes exponential.

DolphinOlogy also shares the secret of dolphin sonar communication so you can learn to see-feel other’s hearts for healthier, happier relationships with everyone in your life – friends, lovers, parents, children – and most importantly, yourself.

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Book Review

Dr. Gayl’s review on Amazon: 

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gave me much to ponder…caught between reality and dream state…definitely more to explore…I am young to meditation practice and this book provided paths for expanding my practice…I hope to swim in the oneness!

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