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Sound creates Fractals creates Mandalas creates form… who closer to God  than our SONAR OM friends of the sea … FULL POST

Yogis, after years of meditating, see fractals forming from practicing Ommm “Ajapa”  yoga – when the Universe responds with Ethereal sounds, just like Dolphins download from the “mother” ship.   See if this kindle screen shot below turns on your inner SONAR (feeling pictures sent and received by Dolphins) Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.43.00 PM:


51i9CIrGDLL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_Go to the source of what is inspiring this disciple right now –   and read Autobiography of A Yogi (free from Amazon) which will take you on the most romantic dance into how to enliven your senses beyond the body, by creating auditory receiving channels not in your spine but in the causal body outside of your spinal chakras (per this typist’s reading of Autobiography of A Yogi, and many other references at, and in assorted Vedic inspired literature. So, this is not an idea or unreferenced cool blog meandering: this is DolphinOlogy, a total dream 😉

Sound creates Fractal creates Mandala creates Form: DolphinOlogy

Sound creates Fractal creates Mandala creates Form: DolphinOlogy

 Meanwhile, Paramahansa Yogananda uses science and religion’s common hidden meaning to share his journey, and share the gift of Kriya Kundalini Yoga, for all to hear the sounds of the Universe from an Ocean of heart-filled OMs. Again, not a metaphor. Here the book is FREE ON AMAZON  and here is the Technique book, now published for the first time without initiation from the Self-Realization Fellowship which may not be near your Starbucks- FOR ALL TO BENEFIT. Yes, this is what Lahiri Mahasaya, Great Avatar to whom this typist Pranaams (bows in respect)… What Lahiri MahaSaya would have wanted.   Here is the Master below. Not living in a cave but a railroad employee who was downloaded to from a Himilayan Avatar.

Lahiri MahaSayaSuggestion, read the book STEVE JOBS read as his last breath before he uttered “Wow, WoW, WOW!” as his last three words.  Again, Autobiography of A Yogi, for a heartfelt and inspiring connection with the Master Paramahansa Yogananda. 

See the DolphinOlogy book for more fun poetic background, if you like the Dolphin metaphors and research-based grounding. DolphinOlogy introduces Tibetan and Yogic concepts of liberation (what’s that? read the Book for free… ) , … from, well, you get it… Dolphin points of view. Dolphins, split the hemispheres of their brain to naturally lucid dream. One eye open underwater watching, and the other eye in REM. Swami Yogananda conducts an orchestra of authentic experience and reference to reveal: This life is a dream. Perhaps we are actors in the Creators dream. Whatever it is, it is found in self practice, not reading (or blogging, note to self) Diving deep… 

And here…

Amazing collection of great Sages/Seers commenting on “OM” Mantra:

  • Unknown-5Sri Anandamayi Ma

“[Remembrance of the Pranava] must become so automatic that you cannot breathe without remembering It.”

“Om is the root of all sounds. Every other sound is contained in That, and It is used to take one beyond all sound.”[8]

“OM is the mantra, the expressive sound-symbol of the Brahman Consciousness in its four domains from the Turiya to the external or material plane. The function of a mantra is to create vibrations in the inner consciousness that will prepare it for the realisation of what the mantra symbolises and is supposed indeed to carry within itself. The mantra OM should therefore lead towards the opening of the consciousness to the sight and feeling of the One Consciousness in all material things, in the inner being and in the supraphysical worlds, in the causal plane above now superconscient to us and, finally, the supreme liberated transcendence above all cosmic existence. The last is usually the main preoccupation with those who use the mantra.” Letters on Yoga, Vol. II, p. 745-46

prabhupada_4“If you are a serious student of Vedic mantras, you will chant Om because Vedic mantras begin with Om. Om, or the Omkara, is Krishna. Many people are fond of chanting Omkara. That is also nice, because Omkara is Krishna. If we simply remember, ‘This Omkara is Krishna,’ then we become perfect, because the goal is to become Krishna conscious. So you can become Krishna conscious while chanting Om.”[9]

“Om is the highest Name of God, and comprises many other Names of God. It should be borne in mind that Om is the Name of God exclusively–and of no other object material or spiritual–while the others are but descriptive titles and not exactly proper names.”[10]

“This is the Ultimate Word: but can any express its marvellous savor? He who has savored it once, he knows what joy it can give. Kabir says: Knowing it, the ignorant man becomes wise, and the wise man becomes speechless and silent.”[11]

“Constant japa of the Pranava, Omkar, Which is self-revealing, and constant focus on It as the form of Ishvara, and dedicating all actions to It as if you are not the doer yourself; is Kriya Yoga.”[12]

“Following the path of discrimination, let the pure mind be firmly fixed in Om.”[13]

images-8“‘What will you gain’, some sages ask, ‘by merely hearing this sound?’ You hear the roar of the ocean from a distance. By following the roar you can reach the ocean. As long as there is the roar, there must also be the ocean. By following the trail of Om you attain Brahman, of which the Word is the symbol. That Brahman has been described by the Vedas as the ultimate goal.”[14]

“The purport of prescribing meditation on the Pranava is this. The Pranava is Omkara…the advaita-mantra which is the essence of all mantras…. In order to get at this true significance, one should meditate on the Pranava. …The fruition of this process is samadhi which yields release [moksha], which is the state of unsurpassable bliss.”[15]

  • Amit Ray

In the book Om Chanting and Meditation:

Om chanting is a creative art, not just mechanical repetition of a word. Om is known as Pranava, which means new, the ever fresh. So, each uttering of Om mantra is always new, unique and fresh. We all are unique…. Therefore, our utterances of Om should be spontaneous and unique.

Dolphinby-Bret-invertSee also In the beginning was the Word and our Lucid Dream Mantra Chanting Contest.


“In the Beginning Was the Word”

“In the beginning was the word”…  
Christianity: “A-A-A-MEN” (if you remove the men, always a good idea) = “AMMM…”
Buddhism: “OMMMM…”
Hinduism: “AUM…”
Kundalini Yogis have “Ek Ong kar”
The Cosmic sound results in vibration. Science just invented the Cymascope, which captures sound on a water cell and it results in geometric patterns – self-repeating patterns that look like mandalas, and which are defined as fractals.  Upon closer inspection, they are fractals within fractals: holograms. SOUND DNA.  See videos.
Dolphin-sees-with-soundREV1The Cymascope is allowing researchers at to build a vocabulary with dolphins! A visual fractal-holographic language.  
Unknown-3So, yes, sound forms fractal mandalas of energy, interconnected and holographically quantum.  Sound becomes form, planes of causality: the subtle planes existing as a dream that can be awakened from.  And finally, sound forms life.
Sound will bring us back home.
The four sounds: “AAAA”, “UUUU”, “MMMM”, and Silence
Chant these words and you shall see why, not only Dolphins and Whales sing to each other, and GOD, but why the High Yogis experience ethereal sounds when their Chakras (energy centers to the right) become opened. They literally  tune back into the source of creation.. Much can be written about the types of sounds heard but better to get it from wiki. This idea just flashed and wanted to get it across to you. As well, that Kriya yoga as discussed in the spellbinding and #1 book on my shelf, “AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI”, has a technique to listen to the sounds of ommm echoed in its spinal breathing meditation.
This is called Anahata Nada in the ancient Vedic scriptures.
Do the world a favor and skip DolphinOlogy and go straight to Yogananda’s original book, THE ART OF KRIA YOGA (1930) which just came online… however it probably wont have the kind of romantic homecoming impact without reading his autobiography. Ahhh ebooks! Perfect.

Check out DolphinOlogy’s Lucid Dream Mantra Contest inviting you to create your own sacred chant, and On the Sound of “Om” – an amazing collection of great Sages/Seers commenting on the OM Mantra.



Kundalini Acceptance/ Ayaheusca Power/ Happy Bday Master Yogi Dec. 25th

With all humility… To allow the samskaras that are released by the energy travelling up knotted pathways, which cause visions and fears … and just know KNOW that this life or not they will play toward liberation. that the dissolution of this personality is what was asked for during an Ayaheusca overdose, PTSD resulted from the millions of volts that shot through the nervous system which could only handle a few volts, and therefor since NOTHING can be done but to open the channels through non western, Patanjali Yoga and Pranayam over time -that to accept and BREATHE INTO THE HEART – open the heart to allow more and more compassion – this works… it is a lesson in Christ Consciousness which feels like it certainly is focused on compassion. Gregor Mhaele, the “Pranayama” book author guided that with an early Kundalini release, one which the body is not prepared for, all sorts of universal openings are hurled at the energy system and to breath into the heart chakra, to chant bij (seed) mantra of Hraam, in the heart (which even the great masters always return to Gregor says) – this has worked. And the lesson is compassion, not even self judgement called fear, FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL…FORGIVE ENERGY (that would) ALIGNING REBIRTH!
That is the true takeaway. To be mad is like drinking poison expecting it to hurt another… COMPASSION TO THE SELF is what compassion to others is. See the cosmos in the others eye. Ask the dream monster what it needs. Talk to the kundalini and ask for grace. Christ consciousness saved this life. On this Dec 26th Happy Birthday Master Yogi…