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Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project

dolphin picRic O’Barry’s Dolphin Project is a campaign under the International Marine Mammal Project at the non-profit Earth Island Institute. The Dolphin Project aims to stop dolphin slaughter and exploitation around the world.  This work has been chronicled in films such as A FALL FROM FREEDOM, the Oscar-winning documentary THE COVE, and in the Animal Planet mini-series Blood Dolphin$. Campaigns for dolphin protection are currently underway in a variety of locations around the globe, including the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Egypt, and Singapore.

Ric O’Barry – Featured clip from “The Cove” from Dolphin Project on Vimeo.

Sign the Petition to Stop the U.S. Navy From Using Sonar that kills and seriously harms dolphins and whales:

04c7dc_5e1453b807c546eaaea86ea4ac2e50b1.png_srz_177_84_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzStop U.S. Navy plans to kill, permanently injure, or otherwise seriously harm, whales and dolphins, more than 31 million times over the next 5 years.  Learn more at  Whale and Dolphin Watch.


Ramana’s Garden, India

Ramana’s vision is that every child regardless of caste, creed, or social-economic background has the right to quality education, proper nutrition, and primary healthcare. It is our further intention to empower women through literacy and vocational training so that they can generate their own income and thereby gain rights in their own households and communities.

Helping Hands for India

second-page1A charitable organization managed by a dedicated team of volunteers who has an interest in helping people with less fortunate circumstances to better their lives. We are a non-denominational group, supported by the Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh, India, who are committed to provide educational opportunities and to promote well being to children in India.

Emerging Leaders Academy

Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) is a partnership, between the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Urban League, Goodwill of Southern Los Angeles County and the Agape International Spiritual Center, to create an educational program for gang members, “at risk” persons, new contributors (ex-offenders) and community members.

The Emerging Leaders Academy provides a path of opportunities empowering participants to take a new direction in life. The program was created to provide a life skills component to the participant population, as well as providing them with essential career development skills entrepreneurship and creative writing as an alternative to criminal behavior and violence. 

FOX 11 LOS ANGELES: Unlikely Union at the Emerging Leaders Academy

(The Emerging Leaders Academy website is sponsored by DolphinOlogy.)

Siddhartha Yoga Centre

Yogacenter sponsored by Dolphin

Siddhartha Yoga Centre is located at the peaceful, nature-blessed hills of Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, India. The center promises fresh sessions of yoga spirit with clean, pure air and peaceful atmosphere, Hatha Yoga teacher training, and aryuvedic massage.  They also teach breathing and meditation techniques.