Dolphin De-Hypnosis

As the song says, “Close Your Eyes, Go Inside & Be Free”.

Meaning close your eyes, take the situation you want to dissolve, and track it back to where the story started.

If It’s a Love Challenge

Recall the similar emotional environment with one or both of your parents. Forgive them for programming you. Then track it back earlier, to your birth scenario (just imagine, as your imagination comes from somewhere right?) Then imagine the origin of all abandonment issues: When the light separated into the Sun and Moon. Envision not needing the moon (girls) or the Sun (boys), because you have surrendered to the Divine oneness behind that separation, and recognize that we are all the light, playing as polarities.

If It Was an Uncomfortable Dream

This technique works with dreams as well.  With your imagination, track back to the reason it appeared; to the karmic seed, the very first appearance or hint of the fear or trauma the dream touched on. Dissolve that seed back to the Source; always the same source: our desire to play in duality (light & dark, boy & girl, desire & aversion). 

DeBug Your Brain10 Steps to Instantaneous Transformation

If this is too subtle an INNER SONAR to connect to, then here are some more mechanical ways to Dolphin De-Hypnosis: De-Bug Your Brain.

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