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What is DolphinOlogy Yoga?

Dolphin: Greek for womb
Ology: Study of 
Yoga: to YOKE into Unity Consciousness

DolphinOlogy Yoga = the study of paths to the eternal womb of unity… beyond the body-prison’s cycle of birth, aging, disease, death & rebirth.

Dolphins and Whales are the only known beings on the planet that naturally remain awake while they sleep. Half of the brain dreams in a R.E.M state of consciousness, the other half remains awake with an eye open underwater, looking for predators.

Our modern predator is commercialism, which leaves most western Yoga enthusiasts thrown out of class to fill the next one, defeating the whole “porpoise” of yoga: to still the body, still the mind, refresh the glands and strengthen the system, in order to help the Yogi maintain equanimity under the pressure of the illusory world.

Rishikesh on banks of GANGES - world capital of Yoga nestled at base of Himilayas...

Rishikesh on banks of GANGES – world capital of Yoga nestled at base of Himalayas…

DolphinOlogy adjusts traditional yoga to include reality checks and dream remembering to promote lucid dreaming and awareness of the unconscious stories that arise.

Dolphins have a built in Buddha-nature, being natural lucid dreamers who communicate in holographic imagery, rather than the stories (mind games) that are created from language. And Dolphins know how to let go.

 This makes them the most conscious beings on the planet, along with sages in caves and high yogis, who KNOW life is a dream in which they are lucid, and can determine their own separation at the time of body death.

bgBy utilizing the three laws of the Dolphin, we explore the true YOGAS (paths to Unity consciousness) that are not taught in yoga schools:

    1. How to dream while awake.
    2. Replacing “story” with communication through inner sonar, like Dolphins who emit picture-sounds called echolocations (SONAR).
    3. Hands withdrawn into fins to surf the waves of life without grasping or pushing away

Let’s become as conscious as Dolphins, who are awake to the fact that life becomes a dream at death, when it fades in the snap of a finger…


The Beatles with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a core teaching of DolphinOlogy. When one is lucid in life, one becomes more apt to be lucid in dream. Many inventors have tapped into the ability to have lucid dreams. James Cameron credits lucid dreaming with the inspiration behind the movie AVATAR. The sewing machine was invented in a lucid dream. Paul McCartney, Beethoven, and many other prolific artists have brought music from the dream state. And when two dream lucidly together, creation becomes exponential.


dolphindreamshareHave you ever sat in a dolphin dream-share circle?

Sanga means spiritual community. Nothing is as much fun and importance as sharing dreams in the morning.

This works like the SENOI Tribe of Malaysia, who share the dream in the morning, then hear back from the tribe as if it were the others’ dream… “If that were my dream, it would feel like I was telling myself…”

This allows tribe members to learn from other points of view without feeling judged.

DolphinOlogy is pleased to invite you to become part of a virtual Dream-Sharing Village.

DolphinOlogy Yoga Practice

Our first book, DolphinOlogy, offers some nice intros to an Asana practice, and a DolphinOlogy Handshake that are effective at starting you on a path.


DolphinOlogy Handshake – Step 3: Look at Your Palms

 DolphinOlogy Yoga practices are offered for free in our DolphinOlogy Kindle, iTunes and Smashwords ebook. DolphinOlogy explores uncharted territory, so its researcher and you can have the choice to potentially avoid waking up in a new body, saying, “Who are these parents and how did ‘I’ get here?” 

DolphinyogaSee DolphinOlogy Chapter 6: Dolphin Love & Communication for the DolphinOlogy Handshake. Chapter 9: Dolphin Practices for a detailed “Morning Pod Practice” including Dolphin Guru Yoga and Dolphin Dream Yoga.

DolphinOlogy Yoga practices begin in the books, but really must be experienced, as true yoga requires compassion and love and individual attention.

For example: the DarkRoom Retreat described in Endless Cosmic Orgasm can only be experienced in the dark with a master guide.

Bali - Island of Gods, ceremonies and VILLAGE LIFE and beings that always smile..

Bali – Island of Gods, ceremonies and VILLAGE LIFE and beings that always smile..

Or with Sun-Gazing, a practice explored in Solar-Powered Human  our experimental book being written by Masters and attendees of our recent Sun-Gazing event* – a higher practitioner is required for practices like Nauli to flourish (the practitioner holds your stomach to induce the muscle distinction necessary for a fire-building practice which allows one to become food-free.)

* As a research-oriented non-profit, we hosted a free Sun-Gazing teaching in Bali, with India’s highest Sun Yogi/Scientist. When you sign up with your email, you may be invited to rare non-commercial events like this.

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Meditation provides the spaciousness that will dissolve tension and, like a mother holding her child, you can direct the spaciousness into your body and heal the tensions that cause challenge.

Meditation helps dissolve the stories that trap your mind and hold you back in life.

Over time, you will tune into your body and your Self, and become a master at healing.

When you practice meditation a certain feeling of bliss and oneness will be realized, and dramas will seem like the games they are. You will feel light and a freedom to walk towards those energies that love you.

DolphinOlogy offers basic Dolphin Meditation techniques, while Endless Cosmic Orgasm takes a deep dive into the darkness with mysterious powerful techniques that include making love to your kidney, liver, spleen, heart and head.

And here is a free advanced meditation resource:

Outdoor Living Rooms, Bathrooms, and connection to Mother... Bali Love


Who wants to be like Dolphins and hear ethereal sounds, get past the drama of mind, awaken inside the dream of night and day, stop fearing death?

OM-fireChanting in every faith brings one closer to the Creator… and all elements have a resonant hum. This sound for the cosmos is much like the sacred “AUM” (pronounced “OMMMM”)…

Christianity: “A-A-A-MEN” (if you remove the men, always a good idea) = “AMMM…”

Buddhism: “OMMMM…”

Hinduism: “AUM…”

Kundalini Yogis have: “Ek ONG-kar”

The heart feeling of sacred songs and Mantras (sacred chants), carry fractals which disrupt patterns of thought and ignite inner realms to bring us back to cosmic consciousness. Mantras in many faiths, with enough devotion, can release Kundalini, the creative fire that activates and levitates meditators, and releases the nectar that allows Yogis (and Dolphins and Whales) to remain in the breathless state, drawing life energy from the elements. 

Kundalini awakening results in the whole brain being activated, allowing the full human potential to be explored. 

Chanting is a tuning to find the frequency to unlock the internal celestial sounds (Nada). When these are released, the practice of chanting becomes personal, and community events are only to bring others along this rare path, where we realize the small window to get ready for the trip of lifetimes. 

Chakra Activation University & Sound Lab is the cute name (acronym CAUSL) for what DolphinOlogy’s head researcher/founder created in an effort to simplify and power open his chakras after a near-death experience called him to action.

Please check for live stream of DolphinOlogy founder Wake’s band formed with Swami Layananda Saraswati.

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