The God dolphins worship is their imagination.

For humans, ultimately, a dream is a karmic seed. A past action that creates guilt, longing, push-pull. But the dream is meant to help liberate, so your inner dolphin can be extracted beyond the High Council, back to the source of one light. 

Have you ever sat in a dolphin dream-share circle? This works like the SENOI Tribe of Malaysia, who share the dream in the morning, then hear back from the tribe as if it were the others’ dream… “If that were my dream, it would feel like I was telling myself…”  This allows tribe members to not be judged and instead learn from other points of view. For other perspectives creates a bigger beingness.

DolphinCampfireOf course, dolphins know that all thought forms and reality arise out of the same ocean, so they know all the characters in the dream are themselves. Analyzing the dream doesn’t require human books, it only requires a sense of metaphor… of poetry.

So the dream is shared. Then it is acted out, while the pod-member stops during moments of grasping, aversion, and fascination, does reality checks (looking at his palms, trying to put hands through objects, trying to fly, looking at entries and exits, then back again to see if they change, at clocks to see if the time has changed, but start with the palms, it’s easier – see Chapter 7: Dolphin Practices).

The dreamer practices re-dreaming with awareness that it’s a dream – much like we go over moments in our heads… “I could’ve said such and so”, “Would he/she still love me if I…?”

Imagine we freed up our second guesses in the village dream-share? The SENOI culture was neurosis- and crimefree, according to the anthropologist Kilton Stewart. A dreamer would even bring a gift to his neighbor if he wronged her in a dream. Dolphins play like this all day, don’t you sing-feel? Dolphins and yogis living in dreamtime by the beach. Join us here at DolphinOlogy.org and maybe become part of a new-old culture.


The+San+Bushmen+Of+The+Kalahari+San+bushmen+of+the+kalahariSo, just like the SENOI tribe of Malaysia, the Ancient Egyptians, the Tibetan Dream Yogis, and others, our oldest culture still existing seems to be the Aboriginals of Australia. Would it make sense that a culture with 50,000 years of history knows something about how to handle our passage through this life?

Despite Western development displacement of these true beings, they live, and lived, in the dreamtime, where the entire life was ruled by the interconnectedness of dreams shared. From my Wiki search, I learned the land was planted and social structures organized according to the dreams of the tribe. Songs, relationships, agriculture all moved forward through an interconnectedness with Nature and visions shared through the dream.

Storytelling is the communal recounting and practice of dream lucidity, where we share our stories of the night and our tribe members act them out as if they were their own, so we can witness and become aware of our own patterns, and ultimately wake up with each other.

Music as well, just like dolphin clicks and whistles, is a story form meant to be a heart expression to build awareness and to pray through song, pray for the ability to be present and awake to the lucidity of the moment.

Videogames and movies have replaced rites of passage like the Dream-Share. It bonds kids and adults to brands and products instead of each other’s hero’s journey.

DolphinOlogy.org – yeah, cool. I&I’ll post a list of off-the-grid villages that already are sprouting up! For example, Damanhur.com in Italy, Pachamama in Costa Rica,… Throw this book away and pack a light bag for the tropics. Papaya is cheap from the trees.

If you can’t leave till tomorrow, turn off the computer, cancel the trip to the movies (this from a former film director and now each others’ mother), upside down the newspapers and do a Dream-Share – do you really want to see anything less than love in your field of possibilities? Especially your unconscious possibilities? It’s your soul, brothers and sisters. With the separation that the money-makers created with those box prisons (“apartments”) – we have lost our ability to celebrate tribally, while preparing for the most powerful life (an awake death).

Run to the Dream-Sharing Village, reclaim the heart, for that juicy sharing, that hot ritual around the campfire, where the dance and play and lascivious worship is the felt-sense that we are looking at ourselves in bodies playing a game.

The inner smile glow that enraptures our senses is the reason the Balinese are always tooth-grinned on their island paradise, where they celebrate even Engine Day once a week by putting incense and flowers on boat engines for the engine spirits to be recognized. Imagine if this was done in your life to waken you to the dream.

Old age senility would be fun, as we slip into the eternal dream with hard-chiseled sexy steel muscles of imagination. What better “gym body” to share with your eternal lover than off-the-planet, conscious, notebook-style dying with your soulmate on an epic journey towards a same vision. A vision of an afterlife on a water-planet where you two can make dolphin love in clean, antigravity dolphin-air all twelve sun-moon day-nights long.

Dreaming DolphinSo next time you dance to music, look at your hand swaying, like the Sufis doing their whirling dervish dance, and ask “Whose?” Is it the dancer’s or the dreamer’s hand?  Or pick up the phone and share a story of your dreams with your family. Or better yet, build a village. I’ll be there.

This is where we are at, a crossroads where civilization is both becoming more built up and falling apart as the economy changes and fault lines continue to unpeel along seaboards, bringing people back into contact with their porpoise: to prepare for change – the ultimate change, eventually.

So be a dolphin: give a smile, send a healing vibration, splash someone.

(excerpted from DolphinOlogy, Chapter 8: Dream Sharing-Village)

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