Excursions/Yoga Retreats

The+San+Bushmen+Of+The+Kalahari+San+bushmen+of+the+kalahariKALAHARI DESERT, SEPT, 2013
BushmenFamilyJoin an unforgettable journey to the Kalahari to experience “the Bushmen way of tracking God”* : get rid of thoughts altogether, step on to the great mother at the birthplace of humanity, uncoil the serpent, let the lotus flower blossom, release the rope of God, the Divine river of life-force – lets see if together we can let laughter and shaking love overtake us and send us to the great Mystery School. Leaving September 19, 2013.

Send an email to dolphinology @ icloud.com for more details.

* Read The Bushmen Way of Tracking God by Bradford Keeney PhD, shakingmedicine.com.

Also check back for details on upcoming explorations to India and Tibet.