“In the Beginning Was the Word”

“In the beginning was the word”…  
Christianity: “A-A-A-MEN” (if you remove the men, always a good idea) = “AMMM…”
Buddhism: “OMMMM…”
Hinduism: “AUM…”
Kundalini Yogis have “Ek Ong kar”
The Cosmic sound results in vibration. Science just invented the Cymascope, which captures sound on a water cell and it results in geometric patterns – self-repeating patterns that look like mandalas, and which are defined as fractals.  Upon closer inspection, they are fractals within fractals: holograms. SOUND DNA.  See videos.
Dolphin-sees-with-soundREV1The Cymascope is allowing researchers at speakdolphin.com to build a vocabulary with dolphins! A visual fractal-holographic language.  
Unknown-3So, yes, sound forms fractal mandalas of energy, interconnected and holographically quantum.  Sound becomes form, planes of causality: the subtle planes existing as a dream that can be awakened from.  And finally, sound forms life.
Sound will bring us back home.
The four sounds: “AAAA”, “UUUU”, “MMMM”, and Silence
Chant these words and you shall see why, not only Dolphins and Whales sing to each other, and GOD, but why the High Yogis experience ethereal sounds when their Chakras (energy centers to the right) become opened. They literally  tune back into the source of creation.. Much can be written about the types of sounds heard but better to get it from wiki. This idea just flashed and wanted to get it across to you. As well, that Kriya yoga as discussed in the spellbinding and #1 book on my shelf, “AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI”, has a technique to listen to the sounds of ommm echoed in its spinal breathing meditation.
This is called Anahata Nada in the ancient Vedic scriptures.
Do the world a favor and skip DolphinOlogy and go straight to Yogananda’s original book, THE ART OF KRIA YOGA (1930) which just came online… however it probably wont have the kind of romantic homecoming impact without reading his autobiography. Ahhh ebooks! Perfect.

Check out DolphinOlogy’s Lucid Dream Mantra Contest inviting you to create your own sacred chant, and On the Sound of “Om” – an amazing collection of great Sages/Seers commenting on the OM Mantra.