Mission Statement

dolphinology_v2-smfileDolphinOlogy Mission Statement

DolphinOlogy is a not-for-profit book publisher established as a spiritual love circle, with the intention to bring the highest teachings to those who are in the process of liberation and awakened living.

DolphinOlogy explores Masters from all rivers that flow into the one ocean.

Our “porpoise” is to invite DolphinOlogists – yogis, lucid dreamers, spiritual seekers – into a community of organic, devotional, song-filled days, blending with the elements and the one light, while serving others toward achieving enlightenment.

A community where dream-sharing, learning, meditation, chanting, yoga, ecstatic movement and the moment-to-moment ritual of living on Mother Earth all support awakened consciousness.




wake-breath-love-surfingWake Breathe Love grew up around Florida, brought up on Flipper fantasies of love, from aliens underwater, in the womb embrace of the sea with a perfect family of God’s creatures.

But his idyllic childhood was marred by abandonment traumas, creating a young adulthood of near-insanity that lead to a 20-year quest for health, wholeness and spiritual understanding. More recently he experienced a near-death, psychedelic plant-induced psychosis, which motivated even deeper exploration.

The heart and essence of DolphinOlogy is to share the highest teachings he uncovered and experienced.

Screenshot 2014-06-17 10.53.47“DolphinOlogy is really just a fun ‘brand name’ to communicate some wisdom collected over time.

“These are not books… they are research experiments, an exploration/notes to self on the highest teachings found, especially after a near-death experience determined sharing and caring (for self as well) were an instant new priority.”

We welcome your input, questions and additions at: laurie@dolphinology.org.

Plans For a DolphinOlogy Center


To maintain a full-time devotional practice, it is most important to be surrounded by like-hearted pod members.  Please do share your ideas and suggestions for a DolphinOlogy Center.

Bali and India might lend themselves as offering fertile ground for this plan; Wake is also looking into Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  The idea is to lock down a sacred spot by the end of the year, preferably near good surf!