Darkroom Teaching on “Clear Light Dream Practice”

Tao Garden

Tao Garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is GrandMaster Mantak Chia’s home base.


GrandMaster Mantak Chia

At the 2015 Dark Retreat at Tao Garden, Master Chia and DolphinOlogy publisher, Wake Breathe Love, gave a DarkRoom teaching on Clear Light Dream Practice.

Here are the exclusive audio recordings of their teaching:

The Cure for Cancer

Since the establishment and rise of hospitals man has been using medicine for profit and control.  Pharmaceutical companies are marketing illness to the minds of the unsuspecting masses. So much of our society is programmed for sickness and death.  The problem our world faces today is that we live in a society that focuses on how to eradicate a disease rather than prevent it.  In the case of cancer, our solution has been a killing of the bad cancer cells through chemotherapy killing the victim in the process. This clearly is the wrong approach and doctors have known this for quite sometime but they continue to recommend it for the lack of a better solution.  

According to many masters of mysticism, and now science, we are infinite bio-electrical beings with amazing potential and our lives and all physical existence that surrounds us is just pure illusion. This means that disease and illness is just illusion.  Many masters have come to teach us that we are souls having a human experience and that ultimately we will dissolve our ego back to G-d consciousness.  They tell us that a Mergence with the Divine Light is not only possible, but has been achieved many times.  As in the Tibetan/ TAO/ Hindu/ and most of the Eastern and ancient traditions, Death of the body comes with a completely quiet surrounding, and a voice to whisper to the soul, and navigate them through the astral realm.  


In the Kabbalistic tradition, (Jewish mysticism) they speak of an energy field called the “Merkabah”,  a representation of the two interlocking “light cones” (tetrahedrons) of the human light body. The spiritual goal is to gain control of these “light cones” and make them rotate, opposite one another, thus creating a vortex and spinning in a torus field, which will take the individual into a high state of super consciousness or “oneness” with God.  

The mystics say, “There are many paths to God.” In the Vedas, the Ancient Indian sages spoke of Chakras and are referred to as energy vortexes in our electro-magnetic field or human “Aura”. These scriptures say that the seven Chakras represent the map of our spiritual development and contain great power, which we can unleash and harness as we grow spiritually. The Third Eye is another name for the sixth Chakra, which is located right between the eyebrows on the forehead.  It is the center for clairvoyance, visions, psychic powers and higher intuition.  Once opened, you can receive guidance and channeling, and tune into your higher self.  Physically, the organ of the Third Eye is the pineal gland, long thought to have mystical powers.  It is understood in the west to be a developed muscle that reacts to light.  

If the human being is so much more than the body and we are made up of spiritual bio-electric energy, then we are just scratching the surface in our understanding of the causes of cancer.  Our thinking has been so limited to the programming and belief that we are just bodies living a physical existence. The abnormality or mutation of cells can be caused by more than just toxins in our environment and foods.  It must also stem from the blocks of wrong doing and toxic thinking. It makes sense then that the bodies essential life force must be clear of these blocks so that there is a free flow of the energy and one can finally achieve a sublime state of being.   

This understanding of the a holistic approach to healing is now getting widespread attention in both books and movies.  David Scharps’ film, thecureismovie.com, shows us how love effects healing. 

Western medicine continues to be supported by an economically motivated system that profits by selling remedies to kill off the disease by working against nature instead of working with it.  Cancer treatment will never be solved using toxic drugs and radiation. 

Robert Morse N.D. explains that we have been mainly focused on symptoms of disease instead of understanding the real cause for it.  


Delilah Dee healed her breast cancer using Dr. Morse’s herbal remedies.

It has been known for quiet some time that the stimulation of the lymphatic system can be a great preventative measure toward cancer. Cellular exercise is extremely important to our health and wellbeing and is often overlooked.  Rebounding, or shaking are exercises that actually oscillate the cells. The lymphatic system has the ability to pull toxins from the blood stream and then process those toxins out of the body.  Some have reported a complete reversal of their cancer by shaking to flush the lymphatic system. Ratu Bagus of Bali actually has a “Shaking Ashram” where many have traveled to “shake into ecstasy” and experience it for themselves. 

Ratu Bagus

Lou Corona also teaches the importance of flushing the lymphatic system and teaches techniques such as “rebounding” to stimulate the system. Detoxing the system by eating a 100% raw food diet and supplementing your diet with high quality multiple digestive enzymes is another effective preventative measure as well as a cure for cancer. At age 21 Lou suffered from Toxemia which caused him to suffer from Chronic asthma, severe allergies, Constipation, Debilitating arthritis, a Tumor.  After many months of detoxing and cleansing everything Lou had previously suffered from was gone. Lou now assists hundreds of thousands of people around the globe who have overcome many serious conditions. 63 years of age now, his company, Puradyme offers life-changing tools that have consistently helped people around the world- cleanse, rebuild, and renew their life to obtain perfect health. 

Thankfully today there are also many holistic health education and institutions aware of natural remedies and how to heal the diseases from its source.  They continue to teach people how to heal others and themselves.

http://hippocratesinst.org in Florida

http://treeoflifecenterus.com in Arizona with Rabbi Cousins, MD, Homeopath/ Ayurvedist/ & Lived with Muktananda




For those lucky enough to be on the edge of, or in the midst of a mental breakdown or psychosis from Ayahuasca, other psychedelics, or living in a human body.

shutterstock_330526412Some thoughts from one who experienced a near-death experience followed by a psychosis-inducing kundalini crisis/brain-damage trauma from taking a plant medicine (Ayahuasca) provided by a “Shaman”:

Noble beings called to greatest service and compassion, you have, perhaps, at your discretion and convenient flowering, been called towards enlightenment and liberation. Liberation from the real illusion of:

  1. Random birth.
  2. Suffering at the hands of unknown parents.
  3. Puberty and spiritual forgetfulness as the ego and sex organs develop the “identity.”
  4. Aging.
  5. Death, again and again…

Perhaps one should note that all of the Western 200-year old labels and diagnoses, such as PTSD, ADD, schizophrenia, psychosis, etc. were created by drug manufacturers and psychologists to sell medicine and real drugs.

In fact, in India and other cultures slightly older than the USA, whose foundation is not progress or selling self-help, yoga or meditation, a mental break is considered by most experienced metaphysical healers, swamis, monastic leaders, etc., as a Divine transformation to be supported in an ashram environment, for it is viewed as a sacred opening.

MantakChiaTao GrandMaster Mantak Chia had some of the most direct answers to my questions about kundalini crises (see the book/research experiment we put out on Facebook.com/darkretreat, FREE on iTunes). Master Chia and an independent scientologist, (the official Scientology organization also saved my life but wasn’t quite as nurturing to the heart)… provided the primary answers I needed after two years of searching with unlimited budget through Asia and India.

Want to protect others by mentioning the name of the “Shaman.” As these fingers type, there is a terror of any link back or future connection to these beings, who also need compassion, and outing. For this traveller, for two years the terror was too great to risk mentioning these monetizers of a sacred plant ceremony, and somehow the knowledge that the “SEEN IS FOR THE SEER” also loomed. (Meaning that this simulation “reality” we live is presenting only what is necessary for us to move one more step towards unity with the Divine. If you are one who has been pushed to the edge, one step may be a many-lifetime hop – so it was somehow beneficial, regardless of the suffering involved. “The seen is for the seer” is a quote from the Divine Sage Patanjali, one of his Yoga sutras worthy of long contemplation.)

However, for the record, the Ayahuasca hosts for this recovering mandala aka my “self” (a mandala being a complete geometric pattern containing all of the uni verse), the host who disconnected, had no responsible guidance prepared, and didn’t react to my need for help, only out of her fear and desire for self-protection, was a Russian lady called Aya, who owns a raw food store called Rainbow Acres in Kauai. Along with Aya were a host of other financial opportunists, (and I, a financial exploiter) whose life reviews will entail our own Divine follow-through.

Definitely seek no vengeance, but fear not, simple fact. With that, let’s be of service to all sentient beings whose path may not be as compressed as ours, but ultimately is the same: lifetimes of unending prison in a body full of experiences that range from hell to heaven, until there is no other choice but to find that place of neutrality between yin and yang and 1 and 0, with the Grace of the Cosmos and the Divine perhaps leading to yours and my dissolution, like a salt doll being dropped into the ocean, or a piece of data-collecting sentience being absorbed into the holographic fractal, and most likely something beyond, far beyond our comprehension, but exactly attuned to our expectation and perceptual bandwidth.

And if that too is surrendered completely, then, like Steve Jobs said in his last breath, “Wow, wow, wow!” (If you wonder why this is not mentioned in his movie, bios or publicly lauded elsewhere, it’s because this is a world of healing for all. To embrace these perceptions above is not part of the cycle which is now called KALI YUGA, a cycle in which liars are kings, etc.) But Kali Yuga is quickly coming to an end, and it’s our job first to enlighten then to serve.

This is humbly offered at your lotus feet, and yours and yours and yours, all the same empty footprints washing away in the sand of one consciousness dreaming all us as characters in an empty illusion – in order to experience itself.




A Darkness Retreat Experience

We wanted to share this powerful firsthand description of the Darkness Retreat experience.  

Lindsey Vona on Hopedance.org:

…I was able to easily shift between my awareness of self as this great unending light and my awareness as this vibrating, perfectly realized Buddha, nonphysical self for what felt like forever. I think this realization state lasted several days while in the dark. All fear of death was completely annihilated in this realization. All relationship to suffering or suffering over the suffering of others at this time was not even a laughable possibility. Identification was futile. I was happy to die into this light forever. Part of me wanted to die. Part of me very much did not want to come back into this room, this body-thing as Lindsey. It didn’t make sense, and yet it happened and here I am. I didn’t think about my parents or whether they would miss me if I let myself get completely absorbed in the truth of what I am because I knew that ultimately they are the exact same thing and that eventually, whether in this “lifetime story” or at the time of “death,” we pretty much all remember because we already are it. I guess I can’t really know what is true for you or “anyone,” except that you are me, and this life is not at all what it seems.Read her entire post here.

MantakChiaEndless Cosmic Orgasm details Wake Breathe Love’s experience with Tao Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s DarkRoom Retreat in Thailand, as well as traveling with the Master. 

And here’s a post about Master Chia and his DarkRoom Retreat  from the BeholdGod.com site:

Mantak Chia is one of the biggest proponents of Darkroom retreats. Chia’s darkroom facility in Thailand is a block of condos with the windows blocked out, air conditioning and no lights. The Tao Gardens Darkroom Retreat staff serve guests by wearing infrared goggles.Keep reading and see video…

Cave info… & The DMT “spirit molecule” explained

Put in your Skype below and I, the Dolphinology character in your dream, will call you on video if u came here for Master Chia’s cave experience info -…

So forgive the lack of pro coding, but “I” went from hiring a pro marketing guy to wanting to just connect one to one. The DMT post below was put up by our ex-marketing guy and is cute, but not what u get in the DarkRoom experience. What you do get is preparation and healing regarding the one sure thing in life… or whatever this dream is… Which is what life is when it fades, it seems, a dream. How much do u agree?

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“The Spirit Molecule, Dimitri, DynaMyTe, Emerald Dream, Hippy Crack, Magic Dust, call it what you will but Dimethyltryptamine (DMT for short) will blow your fair-trade organic socks off. The drug is essentially a hallucinogen, one that dramatically affects human consciousness and is often compared to other hallucinogens such as LSD.

Of course, where LSD slowly and sensually kisses the mind, taking you on a slow and meandering trip, DMT pretty much bitchslaps you, shooting you out of orbit into another dimension (possibly to be confronted with intelligent otherworldly beings and strange cityscapes).

Three quick facts about DMT:

1: During recreational use, DMT is usually smoked or inhaled, though adhering to South American “Shamanic” practices it is also taken orally.

2: The trip whilst taking DMT is short-lived compared to LSD. Most reports suggest it lasts no more than thirty to forty-five minutes.

3: DMT is not considered to be an addictive substance.

Anyway, with that said, the trip itself isn’t all that makes DMT so interesting, it’s the curious fact scientists don’t really know what DMT’s function is or why DMT is found in us, other mammals and plant life. Indeed, in a popular documentary called The Spirit Molecule a host of academics and writers cover this very topic.

Christian Meuli, MD, “that’s the $64 billion dollar question: why is DMT in our bodies, why is it in plants, all sorts of animals, and what is the role it plays in humans?”

In turn, DMT in plants is described by one academic, Dennis McKenna PhD, as the “language of plants,” he further states “these are what plants use to mediate their relationship with other organisms in the environment.”

For me personally, it was at this point I couldn’t help but see similarities with James Cameron’s motion picture AVATAR. For those aware, James Cameron has asserted an enthusiasm for Lucid Dreaming, and it’s seemingly evident in his work Avatar he is not only exploring the world of dreams, but also the nature of consciousness. In particular during the film we the viewer witness firsthand how the indigenous population of the planet (the Na’vi) connect directly with nature: the Na’vi using their hair to form a direct union to both the animals they master and the tree which is central to their way of life. Again for me this is analogous to DMT, and I can only guess James Cameron had such ideas in mind as he wrote Avatar, drawing inspiration from the idea of DMT – a simple compound found in plentiful supply, our own way of connecting to the melody of the natural world about us.

Back to the documentary and Charles Grob MD adds to the discussion by asking the pertinent question, “why is it that human beings central nervous system is wired to receive this experience? It must be there’s important information to be learned. 

Graham Hancock, writer, “I don’t think DMT is in nature by accident, we’ve co-evolved with these plants. There’s a purpose and meaning to it.”

Finally, Leanna Standish, ND, PhD sums it up beautifully, “So it really fits in to this notion DMT may be a molecular language between all living beings. I can’t think of a more powerful tool to explore the question of what is consciousness.”

I guess the only question remaining is where do you get some?!

Paul McCartney Lucid Dream

Five Fascinating Facts about Lucid Dreaming

Fact One: Paul McCartney claims to have dreamt the tune for the Beatle’s hit Yesterday, which appears on the 1965 album Help!

“I was living in a little flat at the top of a house and I had a piano by my bed. I woke up one morning with a tune in my head and I thought, ‘Hey, I don’t know this tune – or do I?’ It was like a jazz melody. My dad used to know a lot of old jazz tunes; I thought maybe I’d just remembered it from the past. I went to the piano and found the chords to it, made sure I remembered it and then hawked it round to all my friends, asking what it was: ‘Do you know this? It’s a good little tune, but I couldn’t have written it because I dreamt it!”

Fact Two: Our unconscious mind often internalize external stimuli whilst we are asleep, making the stimuli a part of our dreams. This is called Dream Incorporation. It’s beautifully illustrated in the French movie The Science of Sleep (2006) (or La Science des Reves). In the movie the leading protagonist falls asleep in the cold, only to subsequently dream he is skiing in the Alps. I certainly know I’ve woken up having dreamt about bodies of water, only to immediately need the toilet.

Fact Three: In as little as five minutes we forget upward of fifty percent of a dream’s content. After ten minutes we’ve forgotten a staggering ninety to ninety five percent of its content, which kind of makes keeping an aforementioned Dream Journal, perhaps by your bedside, vitally important.

Fact Four: English poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge is said to have written his masterpiece Kubla Khan (1816) after a night binging on laudanum (opium). Coleridge claimed hundreds of lines appeared to during in his night of Lucid Dreaming, but the poem is a mere 54 lines. Of course, 54 lines of poetic verse is pretty darn good “Dream Recall” if you ask me!

“In Xanadu did Kubla Khan,

A stately pleasure dome decree:

Where Alph, the sacred river, ran,

Through caverns measureless to man,

Down to a sunless sea.”

Fact Five: There are a variety of free apps you can get for smart phones which can offer you help in getting to grips with Lucid Dreaming. Many of the apps have useful hints and tips. A Dream Journal is just one and is a vital tool in improving Dream Recall. Remember as noted above we forget our dreams incredibly quickly so noting down your dreams allows you to keep a permanent record, but furthermore trains your mind allowing you as a dreamer to notice patterns and to identify common “Dream Symbols” occurring in your dreams. The apps also suggest carrying out “Reality Checks” during the day; another useful suggestion which will help you to appreciate you are indeed dreaming, further enabling you to take control of your dreams.  Finally the use of techniques such as the Wake Back to Bed method, exploiting REM sleep before waking, are incredibly useful too.

Lucid Dreaming App

What is Lucid Dreaming, and where do I get the app?

On the market today there are rather a lot of free apps to aid you with Lucid Dreaming. There’s Lucid Dream Ultimate by Android, Can Lucid Dream by Windows and DreamZ by Ios, but do you really need them? In my opinion: yes and no; after all, anything which makes it easier for you to start on the path of Lucid Dreaming is great (especially if it’s free), and yet then again if you don’t have an all singing, all dancing smart phone or wouldn’t know an app from an apple, you needn’t worry either because the smartest piece of kit you already own is already installed, it’s already up there in your noggin aka your brain (this is more or less true, even for Justin Bieber). Quite simply, the human brain is rather nifty, fantastic, about as smart as it gets, and each of us use this oh-so-fantastic super computer all the blinking time; indeed, it’s the gizmo you’re using right now, not only to regulate blinking but to absorb these here words; the same spongy grey tech that allows us to think, “sleep… perchance to dream” (a Shakespeare quote ever-so-slightly out of context there, do excuse me).

Anyway, speaking of dreaming, what the heck is Lucid Dreaming, other than being the theme for a particularly confusing Leonardo DiCapriofilm?! Well, Lucid Dreaming in a dream-like nutshell is being aware you’re dreaming whilst you sleep. It’s conscious dreaming,  a state of self awareness said to occur during REM sleep, and I’d be so bold as to hazard a guess the vast majority of us, no matter how much we choose to ignore it, have had one of those dreamy but clear (lucid) moments when we realise we’re not quite asleep, but not quite awake either – mine usually involve an attempt to fly by running really fast, and almost skipping up into the air, at least before I fully awake, starting to panic how I’m going to get myself down from the lampshade. For all I know, your own Lucid Dreams may involve you and Justin Bieber DUI and on the way to a clan rally: they’re your dreams and I’ll cast no aspersions or judgment.

Of course, for those who already know a fair bit about Lucid Dreaming it isn’t only about being aware one is dreaming. It’s also about taking control of those dreams and manipulating the experience you have in the imagined dreamscape. For instance, instead of allowing Justin Bieber to drink and drive under the influence, and spout all kind of ill-thought-out racist hogwash, you take control and force feed him a can of whipass until he explodes into a much more useful collection of butterflies, and perhaps you even find yourself flying on the backs of said butterflies toward a phone shop to buy a new Smartphone, because they may not help you to Lucid Dream but they are darn useful.

Okay, to quickly recap… Lucid Dreaming is being aware you’re dreaming, and by extension taking control of said dreams, but how do you, I and Justin do it? Well there are countless techniques and practical things you can do, and so before I sign-off and fix my lampshade, allow me to share a couple.

1: The Wake Back to Bed method:

This involves setting your alarm clock an hour or two before you’d usually get your bag of bones up. Remember, REM sleep occurs most frequently just before you wake up so when the alarm sounds and hopefully jolts you from a dream, you wake and get up, perhaps wandering around the house for ten or so minutes allowing your conscious mind to take control. When you return to sleep you should discover it far easier to re-enter the dream world, appreciating you are in fact in a  lucid state of mind whilst dreaming, and able to take control of the dream.

2: Reality Checking:

Spend the day affirming you are awake. This may combine using certain visual nods and cues, for example when switching on a light or closing a door: these are perfect times to ask the question “am I awake?”. It may sound odd but there’s method to the madness because by asking the question when awake your mind will hopefully ask the very same question when asleep (kind of like muscle memory). Once you ask the question in a dream there is then a greater chance you will start to appreciate you are indeed dreaming and take control.

So there you go, if using apps on phones isn’t your thing, don’t worry because the only tech you truly need is already wedged into your own beautiful mind (though perhaps consult a book or further blog posts for yet more tips). Anyway, enjoy and have fun in the dream world, wonderful sleepy people!

Lucid Dreaming Movie

Lucid Dreaming: lights (off), roll camera… action?

Lucid Dreaming is a result of heightened consciousness, not only being aware you’re dreaming but taking control of those dreams. It’s kind of the difference between simply signing-up to Netflix (paying for and streaming a movie), or instead choosing to take control and make your own darn picture. In this way, instead of remaining passive, merely observing what’s presented before your unconscious mind, you can, through the adoption of certain techniques and practices, influence events in the dream world; indeed you may soon find yourself the architect of your own dreams, shaping the narrative presented to your unconscious and creating one hell of a dream movie in the process.

With that in mind, it perhaps won’t be too much of a surprise to hear that some of the most talented artists of the past century have all been advocates of Lucid Dreaming. From talented film directors like the Wachowski brothers and Chris Nolan, to actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Keanu Reeves, a vast array of artists draw direct influence from Lucid Dreaming, incorporating their dreams into their work.

Certainly, James Cameron, when interviewed forHollywood Today, claimed lucid dreaming to be one of his key inspirations: “I’ve kind of realized that what I was trying to do was create dream imagery, create a lucid dream state while you’re watching the film. I think that most people dream of flying at some point, and when we’re kids we dream of flying. I certainly did, and still have a lot of flying dreams and I thought that if I can connect to an audience, to a kind of collective unconscious in almost the Jungian sense, then it bypasses all the politics and all the bullshit, and all the culturally specific stuff and all the language specific stuff around the world and connects us all to that kind of childhood, dreamlike state when the world was magical and infinite and scary and cool and you could soar. So that was the concept behind these scenes. And for me, personally, this was the part of the movie that I like the best, that I can watch over and over again.”

Of course it’s not just film directors who Lucid Dream, the surrealist painter Salvador Dali did too; the Spanish painter was heavily inspired by his dreams, his eccentric and colourful works, or“hand painted dream photographs” as he called them. In fact his works only have to be viewed at a glance for a viewer to appreciate how the dream world is present, with perhaps the artwork expressing this idea most eloquently aptly titled, “Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening.” This masterpiece illustrates what Freud called manifest symbols representing more ambiguous and latent meanings. It furthermore expresses both the idea of the external and conscious world influencing the unconscious, and how we can best access and take control of our dreams in those moments just before we wake up. After all,  REM sleep occurs most frequently just before you rise, which means Dali was essentially and beautifully expressing rather interesting thoughts well before such ideas were the talk of tinsel town.

And so whether you’re an actor, artist or film director, no doubt Lucid Dreaming can help you tap into some previously unexplored ideas and creative imagery.