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A Darkness Retreat Experience

We wanted to share this powerful firsthand description of the Darkness Retreat experience.  

Lindsey Vona on Hopedance.org:

…I was able to easily shift between my awareness of self as this great unending light and my awareness as this vibrating, perfectly realized Buddha, nonphysical self for what felt like forever. I think this realization state lasted several days while in the dark. All fear of death was completely annihilated in this realization. All relationship to suffering or suffering over the suffering of others at this time was not even a laughable possibility. Identification was futile. I was happy to die into this light forever. Part of me wanted to die. Part of me very much did not want to come back into this room, this body-thing as Lindsey. It didn’t make sense, and yet it happened and here I am. I didn’t think about my parents or whether they would miss me if I let myself get completely absorbed in the truth of what I am because I knew that ultimately they are the exact same thing and that eventually, whether in this “lifetime story” or at the time of “death,” we pretty much all remember because we already are it. I guess I can’t really know what is true for you or “anyone,” except that you are me, and this life is not at all what it seems.Read her entire post here.

MantakChiaEndless Cosmic Orgasm details Wake Breathe Love’s experience with Tao Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s DarkRoom Retreat in Thailand, as well as traveling with the Master. 

And here’s a post about Master Chia and his DarkRoom Retreat  from the BeholdGod.com site:

Mantak Chia is one of the biggest proponents of Darkroom retreats. Chia’s darkroom facility in Thailand is a block of condos with the windows blocked out, air conditioning and no lights. The Tao Gardens Darkroom Retreat staff serve guests by wearing infrared goggles.Keep reading and see video…