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The Cure for Cancer

Since the establishment and rise of hospitals man has been using medicine for profit and control.  Pharmaceutical companies are marketing illness to the minds of the unsuspecting masses. So much of our society is programmed for sickness and death.  The problem our world faces today is that we live in a society that focuses on how to eradicate a disease rather than prevent it.  In the case of cancer, our solution has been a killing of the bad cancer cells through chemotherapy killing the victim in the process. This clearly is the wrong approach and doctors have known this for quite sometime but they continue to recommend it for the lack of a better solution.  

According to many masters of mysticism, and now science, we are infinite bio-electrical beings with amazing potential and our lives and all physical existence that surrounds us is just pure illusion. This means that disease and illness is just illusion.  Many masters have come to teach us that we are souls having a human experience and that ultimately we will dissolve our ego back to G-d consciousness.  They tell us that a Mergence with the Divine Light is not only possible, but has been achieved many times.  As in the Tibetan/ TAO/ Hindu/ and most of the Eastern and ancient traditions, Death of the body comes with a completely quiet surrounding, and a voice to whisper to the soul, and navigate them through the astral realm.  


In the Kabbalistic tradition, (Jewish mysticism) they speak of an energy field called the “Merkabah”,  a representation of the two interlocking “light cones” (tetrahedrons) of the human light body. The spiritual goal is to gain control of these “light cones” and make them rotate, opposite one another, thus creating a vortex and spinning in a torus field, which will take the individual into a high state of super consciousness or “oneness” with God.  

The mystics say, “There are many paths to God.” In the Vedas, the Ancient Indian sages spoke of Chakras and are referred to as energy vortexes in our electro-magnetic field or human “Aura”. These scriptures say that the seven Chakras represent the map of our spiritual development and contain great power, which we can unleash and harness as we grow spiritually. The Third Eye is another name for the sixth Chakra, which is located right between the eyebrows on the forehead.  It is the center for clairvoyance, visions, psychic powers and higher intuition.  Once opened, you can receive guidance and channeling, and tune into your higher self.  Physically, the organ of the Third Eye is the pineal gland, long thought to have mystical powers.  It is understood in the west to be a developed muscle that reacts to light.  

If the human being is so much more than the body and we are made up of spiritual bio-electric energy, then we are just scratching the surface in our understanding of the causes of cancer.  Our thinking has been so limited to the programming and belief that we are just bodies living a physical existence. The abnormality or mutation of cells can be caused by more than just toxins in our environment and foods.  It must also stem from the blocks of wrong doing and toxic thinking. It makes sense then that the bodies essential life force must be clear of these blocks so that there is a free flow of the energy and one can finally achieve a sublime state of being.   

This understanding of the a holistic approach to healing is now getting widespread attention in both books and movies.  David Scharps’ film, thecureismovie.com, shows us how love effects healing. 

Western medicine continues to be supported by an economically motivated system that profits by selling remedies to kill off the disease by working against nature instead of working with it.  Cancer treatment will never be solved using toxic drugs and radiation. 

Robert Morse N.D. explains that we have been mainly focused on symptoms of disease instead of understanding the real cause for it.  


Delilah Dee healed her breast cancer using Dr. Morse’s herbal remedies.

It has been known for quiet some time that the stimulation of the lymphatic system can be a great preventative measure toward cancer. Cellular exercise is extremely important to our health and wellbeing and is often overlooked.  Rebounding, or shaking are exercises that actually oscillate the cells. The lymphatic system has the ability to pull toxins from the blood stream and then process those toxins out of the body.  Some have reported a complete reversal of their cancer by shaking to flush the lymphatic system. Ratu Bagus of Bali actually has a “Shaking Ashram” where many have traveled to “shake into ecstasy” and experience it for themselves. 

Ratu Bagus

Lou Corona also teaches the importance of flushing the lymphatic system and teaches techniques such as “rebounding” to stimulate the system. Detoxing the system by eating a 100% raw food diet and supplementing your diet with high quality multiple digestive enzymes is another effective preventative measure as well as a cure for cancer. At age 21 Lou suffered from Toxemia which caused him to suffer from Chronic asthma, severe allergies, Constipation, Debilitating arthritis, a Tumor.  After many months of detoxing and cleansing everything Lou had previously suffered from was gone. Lou now assists hundreds of thousands of people around the globe who have overcome many serious conditions. 63 years of age now, his company, Puradyme offers life-changing tools that have consistently helped people around the world- cleanse, rebuild, and renew their life to obtain perfect health. 

Thankfully today there are also many holistic health education and institutions aware of natural remedies and how to heal the diseases from its source.  They continue to teach people how to heal others and themselves.

http://hippocratesinst.org in Florida

http://treeoflifecenterus.com in Arizona with Rabbi Cousins, MD, Homeopath/ Ayurvedist/ & Lived with Muktananda