“WoW”, “Wow”, “WoW” Steve Jobs Words On DEATHBED & WHY YOU DIDN”T HEAR ABOUT IT!

Does it make you frustrated, you never read about Steve Job’s last words of “Wow, Wow, Wow” in the Mainstream Media? No, because this is your sign to WAKE UP AND NEVER READ THE NEWS AGAIN. The Drama of Society selling stuff to the lowest common denominator, to make money, may always continue in this Materialist Age (called KaliYuga – age of destruction, in the Hindu Vedas, which have mapped practically everything including Atomic equations thousands of years ago). But,  if reading this, then you already know the only thing to cultivate is what DOLPHINS CULTIVATE: Their INNER SONAR. Their imagination toward spirit. Expansion of their senses (perhaps) into their spine and then spirit (which is what Kriya Yoga is..), so that death to every moment and expansion beyond the body can lead to “Samadhi”. We’re gonna get into the “Kriya” (action) exercises from Swami Yogananda, and his lineage that traces back to… Christ Master Yogi! In a moment. Some Advanced Yogis who achieved Samadhi..


First: Samadhi is the cessation of breath and union into the “Bliss of 1000 Orgasms, 1 Million Sons, Singularity with the Divine… How does this typist for the creator know? A Master whose identity can’t be revealed as he shared his intimate experience with the divine, and that is to be protected. He shared the million or 1000 orgasm inspiration. The Million Suns is a common Vedic (Hindu Sacred Poems, Downloads, Scriptures) reference to the flowering of the Sahasrara Chakra at the top of the head.  yogameditation550

Ok, so Kriya Yoga. Reference the DolphinOlogy post on OMMM. Meanwhile let’s look up Steve Jobs study… OH!!! His Last gift, it’s reported, to family and friends and downloaded onto his own iPad was  AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI… which again is Paramahansa (Swan of high truth) Yogananda’s (Yoga-Union Ananda=Bliss) autobiography.  Steve Jobs practiced Buddhism. Let’s Google it.